Sinistrorse Summaries of Hypogean Heresiarchs

• Ballard, J.G.: An English writer born in Shanghai.

• Foreman, B.A., Norman: A keyly committed chronicler of the counter-cultural community.

• Gates, Eric: A retired professional footballer.

Guardian, The: An über-essential newspaper.

• Havoc, James: A fugitive from justice.

• Home, Stewart: Even better than Self, Will (qv).

• Housman, A.E.: A poet from Worcestershire.

• Huysmans, J.-K.: A writer from Paris.

• Lovecraft, H.P.: A writer from Rhode Island.

• Maupassant, Guy de: A writer from France.

• McCarthy, Cormac: A Dread Dauphin of Dark-and-Dangerous Descriptivity.

• Mitchell, David M.: A Post-Polymath Professor of Pantology at Port Talbot University.

• Moorcock, Michael: Even better than Pratchett, Terry (qv).

• Moore, Alan: Northampton’s Neo-Gnostickest Neuro-Naut.

• Morrissey, Steven Patrick: Manchester’s Most Miserabilist Messiah.

Of Books, Review, New York: See Review of, London, Books.

• Of, in terms: A majorly maximal metric of keyly committed core components of the counter-cultural community.

• Oy Books, Sav: Manchester’s Most Maverick in terms of Messiahs.

• Pratchett, Terry: Not as good as Moorcock, Michael (qv).

Review of, London, Books: Even more keylier vital than Guardian, The (qv).

• Saki: The pen-name of H.H. Munro, an English writer born in Burma.

• Self, Will: Not as good as Home, Stewart (qv).

• Smith, Clark Ashton: A writer from California.

• Stimbers, Dr Miriam B.: A ruthlessly radical researcher.

• Tail, Serpent’s: A polymorphously parapractological publisher.

• Tea: A complicated way to spoil a drink of water.

• Waugh, Evelyn: A writer from London.

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