Vibrancy and Vileness

Every so often you come across a news-story that isn’t just horrifying in itself but offers a sickening glimpse into the wilful neglect and toxicity of a so-called “civilized” state and its so-called “justice” system. Here’s a story like that from Scandinavia:

Rapist is sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison

The Iraqi man (35) arrived in Norway in 2003. Now he has been convicted of sexual assault twice. The 35-year-old Iraqi has now been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay NoK 300,000 [$52,000/£34,000] in damages after he was arrested for participating in a gang rape in Slottsparken [the park surrounding the Royal Palace in Oslo] in October 2011. The 35-year-old also committed a particularly degrading rape at Rådhusplassen [the town square] in November 2005. On that occasion he raped a 27-year-old woman behind some pallets with granite slabs. When the victim resisted, the man put his hand over her mouth and nose and told her that he would kill her.

The woman who was raped in Slottsparken told police that she was raped by several men and that she feared that she would be killed. She is unsure of how many men who raped her, but she knows that none of the rapists used condoms. As a result she was given HIV-prevention drugs and pregnancy-termination drugs. The relationship with her fiancé came to an end and she attempted to commit suicide after the ordeal. Today she is afraid to meet men who look foreign.

(Translation of Aftenpost story, “Seks og et halvt års fengsel for voldtektsmann”, 2nd April, 2013)

But “horrifying” is perhaps understating it. I’m left shaking my head in disgust and asking one urgent question: Why, in the name of decency and justice, was this obnoxious woman not prosecuted and punished severely for her blatant auto-incitement to racial hatred and xenophobia / allophobia? Her wilfully selfish attitude reeks of toxic white privilege and obdurate refusal to sensitively engage issues around the Other. Shame on you, Norway, for creating a society in which such corrosive and egocentric individuals can exist. To flush their hateful ideology from your so-called “nation”, I suggest that you immediately double immigration from Iraq – and go on doubling it for as long as it takes. And double immigration from Somalia, Haïti and the Congo too. Until you do that, you can count yourself a thoroughly failed state.

A Slap on the Wrist — original translation, which is adapted slightly above

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