Moz on Mogz

“The basic fascination I have with cats is nothing unusual. I find them very intelligent and very superior. And I feel entranced by them. If I see one in the street I feel immediately drawn to the cat. I have a friend, Chrissie Hynde [the singer with The Pretenders], she’s exactly the same. You can be walking with her along the street, she sees a cat, she walks away. You continue to walk on, talking to no one. You look around and she’s crouched down with a cat in a hedge. I’m exactly the same way. I’m fascinated by them.” — “Morrissey on… privacy, the Queen and The Smiths”, The Daily Telegraph, 17vi11

2 thoughts on “Moz on Mogz

  1. A blog post you might like: Against Dog Ownership. It argues that it’s probably just morally wrong to keep dogs as pets.

    Which is true for many things we do to animals. But there’s something uniquely pathetic about dogs. They’re like a race of slaves.

    Cats aren’t like that. They’re more like business partners or critics. I’ve noticed that dog idioms generally draw upon their cringing, submissive nature (work like a dog, brought to heel, on a short leash, in the dog house), while cat idioms highlight their wilfullness/perversity/independence (nine lives, like herding cats, curiosity killed the cat) or ability to kill things (cat among the pigeons, belling the cat, when the cat’s away…).

    Sadly, it might be unethical to own a cat. When I let mine explore outside, he commits uber-transgression against the local wildlife, but I don’t want to lock him indoors because then I’m constraining an intelligent being’s desires to make myself happy, like a dog owner does.

    • Yes, cats are unfortunately subsidized super-slayers of wildlife. They’re fed by their owners, but still go outside and kill everything they can. I know one that used to sit by a flowering buddleia and kill the butterflies that came to get nectar there. So the owner of the buddleia had to cut it down. And it’s even worse to think of cats killing bats or the unique fauna in places like Oz and Godzone. Such beauty, such bloodthirstiness.

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