Hedonic Hierairchy

Pilot-thrilling… 10 flyers’ favourites

1. Vickers VC10 — A pilot’s airliner that also beguiled its passengers
2. North American F-86 Sabre — The classic second-generation jet fighter
3. Hawker Hart — An elegant two-seat day bomber of the 1930s that delighted its pilots
4. de Havilland Hornet — The ultimate twin-piston fighter, evolved from the classic Mosquito
5. Sopwith Pup — A First World War fighter beloved by all who flew it
6. Armstrong Whitworth Siskin — Agile and manouverable radial-engined inter-war fighter
7. Stampe SV-4 — A classic sporting biplane renowned for its aerobatic qualities
8. Hawker Hurricane — A distant descendant of the Pup with similarly wide pilot appeal
9. North American P-51 Mustang — One of the greatest Second World War single-seat fighters, an ace-maker
10. Avro Lancaster — A pilot’s favourite with exceptional handling qualities for a multi-engine type

• From Aeroplane magazine, December 2003, viâ a VC10 fan-site

Pteric Ptosis

Uncle, whose inventive brains
Kept evolving aeroplanes,
Fell from an enormous height
Upon my garden lawn last night.
Flying is a fatal sport:
Uncle wrecked the tennis court. — Harry Graham (1874-1936)

Peri-Performative Post-Scriptum

Pteric means “of or like a wing”; ptosis meant “fall, falling” in ancient Greek and is now used in medicine to mean “drooping of the eyelid; sagging or lowering of an organ”, etc.

Performativizing Papyrocentricity #26

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