Perfect Performative Pairing

Salt and celery, cheese and chocolate, yams and yoghurt — some things just taste better together. But that’s true of much more than foods and flavors. As a keyly committed core component of the anti-racist community, I’m proud and passionate to report that it’s also true of ideology and “in terms of”:

Unsurprisingly for a 200-year-old institution, the Guardian has not always got it right in terms of race coverage. — From slavery to BLM: the ups and downs of 200 years of Guardian race reporting, The Guardian, 6v21

For me, anti-racism just wouldn’t be the maximally moral movement that it is without a steady seasoning of “in terms of”. They’re a perfect performative pairing in an atrabiliously imperfect world.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Performative Pairing

  1. Gary Younge is incredible. Truly a gifted writer.

    “Younge credits Harker with being absolutely central to the task of changing the institution’s complexion, but also its culture. “That was an aspiration embraced from the top, but shaped, in no small part, from pressure from below,” he said. “[The current editor-in-chief] Kath Viner later built on this work, and in terms of recruitment, ramped it up.””

    The aspiration was simultaneously embraced, shaped, and pressured and then built on (tragically crushing the people who were embracing it from the top – RIP) while being ramped up so that an institution’s complexion could be centrally changed. Britain’s racism levels will soon decline to 0% because of these efforts.

    • Yes. I would call him a Tinted Titan if I weren’t a core component of the anti-racist community.

      • centrally changed → corely re-configured

      “Britain’s racism levels will soon decline to 0% because of these efforts.”

      Nope. Racism will never die. People like Younge gain too much from it.

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