“In terms of those ideas, there’s been specific policies that are intersecting in terms of racist and sexist policies that have targeted and harmed black women. The same thing with black men, in terms of them being a racial group that have been affected by racist ideas and policies. […] So, in terms of assessing other people, we should allow for people to essentially make racist mistakes.” — Ibram X Kendi, The most extreme racists say, ‘I’m the least racist person anywhere in the world’, The Guardian, 30viii2019

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Ex-term-in-nate! — incendiarily interrogating issues around “in terms of” dot dot dot
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2 thoughts on “X-terminator!

  1. I think that before that diagnosis, and before even my wife’s diagnosis, I had not necessarily connected racism to cancer. I actually thought that this was not an appropriate analogy. But I think after taking care of someone, fighting cancer myself, and simultaneously studying racism, the similarity became quite apparent to me. It became apparent to me that in order to survive cancer, we have to believe that we can survive cancer. Similarly, in order to survive racism, we have to believe we can survive racism. Because when any group of people stop believing that they can survive metastatic racism, it’s going to be very difficult to wage the fight against racism and to endure the pain that typically comes during that fight. So it caused me to become more committed through the challenging moments of fighting racism. It’s going to be challenging, just like it’s extremely challenging to fight metastatic cancer.

    To be honest, this was a hard graf to read. It has so many words and yet it says so little. It felt like time was dilating, the words stretching over an event horizon. I almost didn’t make it out.

    Then I had a realisation: in order to survive this paragraph, I had to believe I could survive this paragraph. Then, somehow, I soldiered on to the end.

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