Bent Pent

This is a beautiful and interesting shape, reminiscent of a piece of jewellery:

Pentagons in a ring

I came across it in this tricky little word-puzzle:

Word puzzle using pentagon-ring

Here’s a printable version of the puzzle:

Printable puzzle

Let’s try placing some other regular polygons with s sides around regular polygons with s*2 sides:

Hexagonal ring of triangles

Octagonal ring of squares

Decagonal ring of pentagons

Dodecagonal ring of hexagons

Only regular pentagons fit perfectly, edge-to-edge, around a regular decagon. But all these polygonal-rings can be used to create interesting and beautiful fractals, as I hope to show in a future post.

The Hex Fractor

A regular hexagon can be divided into six equilateral triangles. An equilateral triangle can be divided into three more equilateral triangles and a regular hexagon. If you discard the three triangles and repeat, you create a fractal, like this:

Adjusting the sides of the internal hexagon creates new fractals:
Discarding a hexagon after each subdivision creates new shapes:

And you can start with another regular polygon, divide it into triangles, then proceed with the hexagons: