Performativizing Papyrocentricity #74

Papyrocentric Performativity Presents…

A Big Book about BooksThe Penguin Classics Book, Henry Eliot (Penguin 2018)

Wrecks & Drugs & Rock & RollBodies: Life and Death in Music, Ian Winwood (Faber 2022)

In the Bland of the BlindAn Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere, Mikita Brottman (Canongate 2018)

Hu Thru MuThe Musical Human: A History of Life on Earth, Michael Spitzer (Bloomsbury 2021)

A Bit of EngLitThe Power of Delight: A Lifetime in Literature: Essays 1962-2002, John Bayley (Duckworth 2005)

Chrome TomeThe Secret Lives of Colour, Kassia St Clair (John Murray 2018)

Cannonball Corpse – AC/DC: The Story of the Original Monsters of Rock, Jerry Ewing (Carlton Books 2015)

Chimpathy for the Devil?Oasis: Supersonic: The Complete, Authorised and Uncut Interviews, curated by Simon Halfon (Nemperor 2021)

D for Deviant, K for Korpse…Doktor Deviant’s Diary of Depravity: Kandid Konfessions of a Kompulsive Korpse-Kopulator, ed. Dr David Kerekes and Samuel P. Salatta (Visceral Visions 2022)

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Toxic Turntable #26

Currently listening…

• Ilex III, Mnolqvemnu (1984)
• Twentieth Day, Iconosphere (1991)
• Helen Moxwall, Under the Veil (1977)
• Cracktwillow, Tales of the Buddleia (2017)
• Dvokni, I’d View You (1997)
• იოჰანა და პაულო, მზის თვალა, მთვარის პირი (2003)
• Ազեշլժա Պդթճշռ, Ջկյ-32948736 (1991)
• Carl Mosserton, Distinct Divas (1979)
• Rigsby and the Rhythmics, In the House of Languor (1982)
• Ĺio Ygāyģmi, Gģver Gvoùa (2000)
• Pavonine XXII, Stroke the Stone (1986)
• Gvalū, Roses at 43 (2021)
• Eastern Waste Brigade, Be Given the Key (1989)
• Imperator in Vivo, Incundabula (1993)
• Голос Шелиз, Многотрудной Жизни (2012)
• Zachariah Robell, God Is A Geometer (1973)
• Yogsothoth Youth, Ripples from R’lyeh (1983)
• Qxucuoa, Nsarns (1971)
• Abscission Zone, Alien Corn (2015)
• Emily Stimpthwaite, De Promundis (1981)
• Weekend in Weymouth, Ruby Lights (1990)
• Umbric Ghosts, Swayed Decayed: The Very Bestial of Umbric Ghosts (2006)

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Performativizing Papyrocentricity #73

Papyrocentric Performativity Presents…

Hod is G-dPlaymaker: My Autobiography, Glenn Hoddle with Jacob Steinberg (HarperCollins 2021)

The Wheel DealCyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier, Jon Day (Notting Hill Editions 2015)

Manc WancFrom Manchester with Love: The Life and Opinions of Tony Wilson, Paul Morley (Faber & Faber 2021)

Goyles, Goyles, Goyles…I, Gargoyle: Toxic True Tales of Feral Freaks, Wild-Eyed Weirdos and Kore Kounter-Kultural Kooks Who Insidiously Identify as Human Gargoyles…, edited by David Kerekes and Norman Nekrophile (Visceral Visions, forthcoming)

Sneaky McCreadyThe Deceiver, Frederick Forsyth (1991)

Shake’s PeerShakespeare, Bill Bryson (William Collins 2017)

Winged WordsThe Last Enemy, Richard Hillary (1942)

The Cult of Ult1312: Among the Ultras: A Journey with the World’s Most Extreme Fans, James Montague (Ebury Press 2021)

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Toxic Turntable #25

Currently listening…

• Lupine Katie, Dark Calico (1976)
• Ô Grecq, Mouse Makes Cop (2005)
• Julia Sedburgh, Vacant Reef (1975)
• Fox in Quake, Drifting on Sonic Seas (2002)
• الاصداف, ميوريكس ﮪاوستلم (1995)
• Pidita Kick, I Leap for Hawaii (1998)
• Yuperfen Lagekim, Jeptic (2013)
• Quiggy and the Grin, Soda Family (1983)
• Oxton Bvulpsi, Dealt a Devil’s Hand (2017)
• მარმარილი მანქანა, აბრეშუმის ჭია (1997)
• Dogmatic Cajuns, Little Bit (1996)
• Pamela Kelpstan, Episodic Outtakes (1970)
• Okeäp V, Räucherfisch (1994)
• Bells in the Battery, Hue You (1990)
• Showt Nowt, Our Wild Folkloric Dreams (2012)
• ¡XtrmDrm!, LIVE in ¡Thunderland! (2004)
• Jumjin, Mqoag i Hio (1979)
• Ѫй Ѯяоѱ Ѩѽ, Koxiio (1997)
• Edgar Roslin Quintet, Zeppelin Zoo (2017)
• Uh Bpuerw, Sqiaamn (1983)
• Stellae Vulpis, Umbrian Folk Revival (2006)
• Milirad im Untergang, Ab’xu Mim Myaceleg (1973)

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Modes vs Tossers

“U2 are a band who believe in meetings, so everything has a meeting. With Depeche, it’s an exception to have a meeting at all. When I did visuals for The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour, I also filmed the show in Mexico City. After the concert, U2 all came to look at the footage. At midnight! For two hours! I mean, Depeche – you couldn’t get them to watch a minute. It’s an incredible difference in attitude. But that’s also the charm of Depeche. They don’t do many interviews, there’s no big plans, they just make a record and tour.”

‘They had soul’: Anton Corbijn on 40 years shooting Depeche Mode, The Intermzinator, 1vi21

Post-Performative Post-Scriptum

The peri-parapractic paronomasia in the title of this post corely references key Kulturkampf “Mods vs Rockers” in terms of 1960s Britain.

Toxic Turntable #24

Currently listening…

• We Worship Silence, Pass the Gates (2011)
• House of Pyromania, Many Seek (Few Find) (1987)
• X-Newly Inc, Oz Wuwu 9 (2003)
• Iujisba, Abominable Abdominal (Killer Bees EP) (1986)
• Danny Yaup, Vision Ov (1969)
• Fizzy Glamsters, Keict (1991)
• Roxane Redmoor, Voxational DJ (2008)
• Kogar Fjö, Capnotic Micrographs (1993)
• Dynamic and the Zone, Cocodrilo Rock (1977)
• იჰვიუხე, პეპლები მთვარის (2002)
• Quickfinger, Ship on a Painted Ocean (1980)
• Earl Vanburgh, Glad (but) Sad (1965)
• Aquilæ ζ, Songs of Seventeen Stars (1979)
• Kozmik Krusaders, Hexen Zoo (1998)
• Quanta Thalassia, This Is Si Siht (2010)
• Thallium Addicts, Thanatographic (1999)
• X Xepj Xo, On an Ebb (2014)
• Orion’s Cradle, Live in Oslo (1987)
• Gazing on Bifrost, By the Swords (1976)
• Ausna, Z.M.E. (1977)
• Obelisk Pact, Long You’ll Slide (2003)
• Um Nuhotóbareac, L’Xac Rey (2011)

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The Flight Album

Slow Exploding Gulls have always been one of my favorite bands and Yr Wylan Ddu (1996) is one of my favorite albums by these Exeter esotericists. The cover is one of their best too:

Yr Wylan Ddu (1996) by Slow Exploding Gulls

Yr Wylan Ddu is Welsh for “The Black Gull”. But it’s become a white gull to celebrate the album’s twenty-fifth anniversary:

Yr Wylan Ddu (2021 re-issue)

Elsewhere other-accessible

Mental Marine Music — an introduction to Slow Exploding Gulls
Slow Exploding Gulls at Bandcamp
Gull-SEG — the oldest and best Slow-Exploding-Gulls fan-site

Toxic Turntable #23

Currently listening…

• Transylv Nexus, Vamplifier (1996)
• Jotmu Bkhu, We Stay Zipped (Songs for the Carnival) (1999)
• Ranfha, Deep to Deep (1979)
• Nade Famborne, Odū Pkeem x’Siqa (1985)
• Adrienne Prunier, Pour la Déesse (1982)
• Yoagoįh, Rhythmic Jellifications (1993)
• Caedicore, As Weird Is Null (1999)
• XS-Doz, Texanized (1985)
• Epics in the Underworld, Khviu (2012)
• Todt-89, Numina (LXVII) (2014)
• Ussia, My Kayak (Live Mixes) (1992)
• Ekkokoz, Qualis Tu Es (1997)
• Yoke of Cud, Red Leap (Led Reap) (1990)
• Fixenhoff, Swedish Amiff (1994)
• Aiyhor, Ihqxelyy-043478 (2006)
• Caiunic, HYH (1988)
• Uz R Under, Deborah the Henge (1983)
• Loftmaft, Horse for the Silent Shore (1996)
• Futility in Mexborough, Axolotl Dreams (2003)
• Sleek Boutique, Canopy Collapse (2020)
• Mmjojg Siki, A Height to Savor (1983)
• Franz Anton Hoffmeister, Viola Concerto in D major (1949)
• Froschkönig Gabriel, Aros Dillidia (1995)

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Young Out to Dry

“I am sick to death of people saying that we’ve made 11 albums that sound exactly the same. In fact we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same.” — Angus Young of AC/DC

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Bon and Off — a rogue review at Papyrocentric Performativity of Two Sides to Every Glory: AC/DC: The Complete Biography