Allus Pour, Horic

*As a rotating animated gif (optimized at ezGIF).

Performativizing Paronomasticity

The title of this incendiary intervention, which is perhaps my most contrived title yet, is a paronomasia on Shakespeare’s “Alas, poor Yorick!” (Hamlet, Act 5, scene 1). “Allus” is a northern form of “always”, “pour” has its standard meaning, and “Horic” is from the Greek ὡρῐκός, hōrikos, which strictly speaking means “in one’s prime, blooming”. However, it could also be interpreted as meaning “hourly”. So the paronomasia means “Always pour, O Hourly One!” (i.e. hourglass).

Tott ist Rot

• Lautlos und fein rann der rostrot gefärbte Sand durch die gläserne Enge, und da er in der oberen Höhlung zur Neige ging, hatte sich dort ein kleiner, reißender Strudel gebildet. — Thomas Mann, Der Tod in Venedig (1912)

• Silently, subtly, the rust-red sand trickled through the narrow glass aperture, dwindling away out of the upper vessel, in which a little whirling vortex had formed. — “Death in Venice” (translated by David Luke)